Sparekassen Vendsyssel
Development / Training

Sparekassen Vendsyssel’s task for Comentor

There is a desire to identify and select the management candidates, who will take part in ensuring a pipeline of managers with strong competencies for the future market. These managers can and will be ready from the sideline, and they will play an important role in ensuring the future of Sparekassen Vendsyssel in regards to the expectations for growth in the next few years.

The course will contribute to

  • Candidates, who will get the necessary development to manage the role as a leader within 2-3 years.
  • Implementation of coordinated initiatives, which will ensure professional talent development of employees within the company, who possess leadership potential.
  • Execution of an accelerated course for the leaders, who were unable to participate in the latest management development course completed by Comentor.

The course is recommended to be goal-oriented to the degree that 80 percent of the talents, who complete the course, are able to succeed in leader positions afterwards. This requires a thorough qualification of specific personal and professional competencies after which, time and resources are invested in the people we believe have what it takes to win the fight for customers in the future.

Output from our collaboration

21 employees applied for acceptance to ‘Ledertalent 2014’, where 10 employees were accepted and finished with a passed exam in January 2015. Of these 10 employees, 7 has already taken on management related jobs, which means that the goal has almost been reached – that 80 percent of the talents, who complete the course succeed in management positions afterwards. The 10 participants will continue their development and thus also the development of their workplace.

Sparekassen Vendsyssel’s experience of Comentor as supplier

Previously, we have had a positive collaboration with Comentor in connection with management development, and this time was no exception. For our purpose, it is important that the theoretical inspiration is applied to the daily work, and thus lives up to one of our values – drive. Comentor has executed a professional setup with interviews, analysis, preparations and involvement. The strong presentation by the instructor was the most essential factor for a successful course. The director was involved and direct, which was a great fit for Sparekassen Vendsyssel, and we have been satisfied with the course in every way.

Lars Guldager, HR director

Sparekassen Vendsyssel is a strong local and independent savings bank, whose most noble objective is to strengthen our customers and our local area. We achieve this by combining the personal service and counseling in our local department with a strong and professional support base in our central functions. We value a healthy business, which is reflected in our high degree of solvency. This provides us with the best prerequisites for offering our customers high quality in our products, service and counseling, while maintaining a reasonable price level.