Developement / Training

Instructive, concrete and helpful educational course

”I benefit from the tools that Comentor provided me with. Once again, I am in the middle of restructuring the organization and I am preparing a document, which describes the change, challenges, prerequisites, likelihood of implementation etc.”

“The management course was very educational and far more concrete and helpful than other educational courses that I have previously participated in. We were challenged as leaders and pulled away from our natural comfort zone. We were introduced to useful tools, which we can retrieve from our toolbox on different occasions.”

“The different management styles are hanging on my wall, which reminds me to differ and proportion when to change pace, coach etc. This has helped me on a day-to-day basis, and has affected the person I am as a leader. It has become easier for me to get my messages across and not least to get my organization on board before I set sail”.

“The séance with the ship game in relation to the lesson on change management is exceptionally useful and instructive. It manages to illustrate that a great leader is a leader, who does not practice a one-sided management style. You need to be able to vary between different management styles and roles depending on the specific situation and employees. This was an eye-opener for many colleagues including myself.”

“The personal discussion, which was included in the course, helped me improve as a leader and it provided me with something to work on, which has resulted in personal development.”

“The group séance with my own leader group was great. We grew closer; we discovered common working tools, and grew closer as leaders. To this day, we give each other a push if we get sidetracked.”


René Grøn, Sanistål