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They delivered much more than expected

“In my opinion, a positive recruitment course begins with a job ad, and when I read the job posting for a specific position, I had no doubt that it was written for me. Both the professional content and the personal values were a perfect fit, so it didn’t take a lot of thought before I wrote an application”.

“After having sent the application, I was contacted by Comentor, who wanted to see me for an interview. During the phone call, I experienced clear communication and great matching of expectations, for example in regards to wage level – open and honest dialogue is clearly paramount. When I arrived for the interview, I was pleasantly greeted by one of the employees at Comentor, and I was escorted to a conference room, where everything was in perfect order; from food to a great view of Aalborg’s old roofs. It may seem a bit trivial to comment on this, but for me as a candidate, it makes a difference. I felt welcome and was able to relax and comfortably concentrate on the interview.”

“Before the interview, I had completed a test, which I was offered feedback on, and I also completed a test at the actual interview. The first was about my personal profile and the other was about my methods for solving a given task. Both tests painted a clear picture, which I can recognize – obviously, a test cannot be a single indicator, but it can function as a great basis for the conversation. This applies for both partners, as a candidate this helps you remember to mention everything there is to know about yourself, and as a recruitment consultant, the tests can give you hints about points to pay attention to.”

“I also want to highlight Comentor’s approach to finding the perfect employee. Everyone will say that this is a given, but few manage to practice this in reality, at least not in the way Comentor does. They have a unique focus on the need for a match between the personal values compared to those of the company’s, and Comentor strongly believes in the necessity of a match in order to establish a successful collaboration in the long run. I am of the exact same conviction. This was very significant when I had my interview at the company – I immediately felt that we spoke from a shared set of values, which saved me and the company from a lot of disappointment, resulting from the initial focus on matching values.”

“After the interview with the company, I was contacted by Comentor once more – the consultant was interested in knowing how the interview went, and when I got the job, Comentor called to congratulate me as well. In brief, Comentor delivered more than I was expecting from start to finish.”

“The keywords that characterize the course have been great professionalism, respect for the individual, open and honest dialogue – all for the purpose of achieving the best results.”


Candidate for the position of management assistant

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