This is how we approach the task

”You are all offering the same – what is the difference?”. We are often asked this specific question. For this reason, we have clarified our recruitment process below, where you can find further information about each step of the process. We do a thorough job by gaining the necessary insight into the company and the position. So, while we work on identifying the right match for the specific position, you will not be interrupted in your everyday tasks.

  • A start-up meeting will create the foundation for an efficient recruitment through a targeted, controlled and structured dialogue based on the company’s plans for strategy and growth.
  • We analyze the existing needs as well as determine objectives and criteria of success for the position, after which we compile a formal agreement, which describes company profile, job profile and personal profile.

  • In the case of Selection, we determine a media plan and draw up job ads, which will be posted on selected media platforms
  • In the case of Search, we organize a search strategy and initiate attraction through social media, proactive processing of our network as well as searches in our CV database.

  • Prior to an in-depth interview, we conduct an initial screening within the field of candidates that match the position, based on applications and CV’s. Founded on qualifications, we select a few candidates, who are invited to participate in an in-depth interview.
  • An in-depth three hour interview will disclose the following information about the chosen candidates:
    - Knowledge – education and experience
    - Skills – the competencies that the person will possess from day one
    - Attitude – attitude and ethics/morale
    - Personality – heredity and environment
    - Environment – where the person thrives
    - Motivation – what drives the person
  • The interview is supplemented with a personal profile, assessment test instruments targeted at the type of position and its content.
  • Salary expectation is aligned with the task
  • We always gather references, which will support the comprehensive evaluation of the candidate.

  • Based on the analysis, we select the candidates, who match the job and personal profile.
  • Additionally, we evaluate the candidate’s potential for further development within the company.
  • Finally, the condensed field of candidates is presented, during which we strive towards having candidates, who offer different approaches to meet the position’s objectives and criteria of success.

  • Based on the compiled material and our insight, we discuss the final decision in collaboration with the company and the candidate.

  • Upon job start, we complete onboarding through two to three follow-up conversations with the candidate and the manager responsible for the employment.

We are flexible in our partnership

We adjust the process to your needs and desires – this way, we can perform the tasks that you lack the neces-sary competencies to carry, and you will still be able to contribute in the parts of the process that you find relevant. We are always willing to discuss the parts of the process that will create most value for you.