Personal evaluation / Team evaluation


“The personal evaluation of our candidate appears as a thorough job.”

– Mariendal Electrics A/S

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When to choose Personal evaluation / Team evaluation?

When you have several potential internal as well as external candidates, who you want to evaluate for a specific position, a Personal Evaluation / Team Evaluation is the best solution. We perform a quick and efficient evaluation of both candidates and teams based on the position and the personality profile.

Personal Evaluation / Team Evaluation is also the service we recommend in situations where the current employees or the management teams need to be repositioned or assigned to new tasks or responsibilities, or in case of organizational changes, where tasks and roles need to be allocated in new ways or by means of new employees. In these situations, we evaluate how an employee or a management team will evolve in line with the expected future growth.

Personal Evaluation / Team Evaluation is an ideal service when you want an evaluation of employees’ and managers’ potential for promotions and carrier planning, providing you with a safeguard for your company’s and employees’ development.

Personal Evaluation / Team Evaluation is the objective second opinion, which will support, confirm or deny your own evaluation.