Recruitment / Selection

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We deliver the service that matches your needs

Our business partners have evaluated our recruitment solutions with the following words: flexibility, efficiency and quality. Keywords that encompasses our DNA and keywords, which we are proud of. We primarily recruit on a strategic and tactical level by means of the methods: Search and Executive Search.

Our strengths as a recruitment partner is our ability to gain insight into your company, find the perfect match and follow up on the chosen candidate after employment. We deliver the exact service that you need, and if you prefer to handle parts of the process yourself, we will support you in doing that. Additionally, we assist in the evaluation of internal and external candidates, who you wish to employ for new positions in the company.

We proactively take advantage of our many years of experience and strong network in the process of finding the right candidate, and we apply the newest and best methods, which include being active on social media sites. Our experience has taught us that talented candidates can be their weight worth in gold, but can be difficult to find. Therefore, once we have been in dialog with and evaluated a candidate, we will include a CV in our database, upon consent.

Many people will argue that interviewing is no art, but we have a different opinion. We believe that acting on your behalf and to appear as a trustworthy and appreciative as possible is paramount. We become familiar with the candidate’s situation and career desires, and we are very attentive in creating an accommodating atmosphere, which will provide the candidate with a positive experience. In our opinion, the one-on-one dialogue is the most important tool for evaluation, and we only take use of the personality profiles and analyses that we deem a necessary supplement to the interview.