Talent development


“All of the chosen candidates passed the course and 7 of these have already taken on management related jobs.

– Sparekassen Vendsyssel

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When to choose talent development?

When you prefer to develop talent within your organization, you should consider implementing a talent development course addressed towards strengthening the organization’s foundation for future growth. Talent development is also a powerful employer branding initiative.

A talent development course can be addressed towards specialists such as managers, sales representatives or project employees, who you wish to retain in new positions. This may be due to the difficulty of attracting the necessary competencies from without, or because you, as a company, have a strong DNA that you want to maintain.

We will assist you in spotting employees, who show untapped potential that you should hold on to. You need an objective evaluation and qualification of your potential talents. As a result, our focus is to a great extent on the individual’s performance on all parameters during the selection process as well as during the actual course.

Each and every talent development course is specifically based on the talents’ current level. Consequently, we appoint a mentor corps in collaboration, which will ensure the daily development of the individual talent on-the-job.