Method and pedagogy


“The director was involved and direct, which was a great fit for us.”

– Sparekassen Vendsyssel


Our method and pedagogy

By understanding your business related challenges, nature and complexity, we have the ability to become a part of your business and directly affect your results in collaboration with the involved managers and employees as a result of our presence and high degree of sincerity. It is in our nature to aspire to fulfill your objectives, while also being able to hand over the responsibility when we agree that you are able to continue the efforts by yourself. We do not believe in a quick fix, but on the contrary that repetition of new patterns makes all the difference. It takes time, which is why our courses often extend from six to 12 months.

We work from the inside out and when we enter a new partnership, it is paramount that we understand the value chains in the company, since our experience tells us that new and better results are achieved through behavioral changes and incorporation of new habits. Our online platform Comentor LAB™ provides us with insight through quantitative analyses that are supported by one-on-one interviews with key personnel. This creates a basis for our ability to present the management with precise recommendations for starting new initiatives. The platform is also applied for completing pre and post-tests during the course to ensure that we reach the right depth of teaching.

Our partners say that we are down to earth and practical-oriented as well as possessing the ability to translate common theory into useful tools through a direct form of communication.

When we conduct workshops, we apply online simulation games to visualize the workday’s dilemmas and initiate discussion about whether or not you as a company can handle management related problems. After each workshop, each participant defines two to three challenges from his or her workday, which we will then discuss during our one-on-one sessions between each workshop.

In each course, we continuously relate to subject matters and the importance thereof, and in collaboration with the management, we make adjustments if they are deemed necessary. We want to be a part of your result, which requires that we have our hand on the hub and that you are ready to learn.


We draw on the following theorists:

John Kotter – Change management

Rick Mauer – Resistance to change

Daniel Goleman – situational leadership