Management development


“During the course, Comentor has acted as a natural sounding board for the managers and clients involved.”

-Sanistål A/S

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When to choose management development?

When you as a company have reached a situation where you experience that the managers have difficulties implementing chosen initiatives within the organization, or when a chosen strategy needs to have the necessary and required focus, management development will be ideal. This may be caused by a lack of competencies; new managers in central positions; or a management layer that is unaccustomed working under or with changes.

Within the organization, lacking abilities to act according to challenging situations as a manager are present. Further, implementation of the necessary changes to maintain and further develop the company’s position and market related opportunities needs to be optimized.

You experience a need for a more strict and consistent management method and competency in general within the organization. You want to initiate a course that is practice-oriented and easy to implement in a busy workday with the right focus and follow-up from the executive staff.

Additionally, you want your managers to improve their ability to create an overview of their own situation, organize and plan, and in line with that, delegate tasks within the organization, to create the necessary space for the individual manager’s work.