Business development


“The entire team has become aware of the direction, in which the management wants to take the company.”

– Hosta Industries A/S

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When to choose business development?

When your company needs to revitalize an existing business plan, which may be caused by newly identified business or market related opportunities, or by uncertainty as to whether it is possible to achieve cohesion within the executive staff and the rest of the company.

You want to align the company’s mission, vision and core values, so they are up-to-date with market developments and the direction of your competitors.

One of the prerequisites for achieving future growth is to find a common foundation and direction, after which a strict course of action will help to reach this common foundation within a well-defined time frame.

The efforts that are central to your current business development are more than likely inadequately strict in leading you towards the business’ overall strategic focus area. Likewise, objectives and efforts are likely to be unspecific, non-measurable and misunderstood by the organization. Hence, a need for distinctiveness and ensuring that everyone knows their objectives and responsibility for the same business, has become apparent.