Development / Training


“We feel like the center of the task, we continuously receive positive feedback and we take part in the entire process.”

– NS System A/S

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We are present before, during and after

In Development / Training, our focal point is business development, management development and talent development, where we are specialized within change management and situational leadership.

When we design a course of action, we acquire insight into your company to clarify and visualize the common objectives, which we will work towards achieving in collaboration. We appreciate direct involvement of the executive staff, because we know that this is the only way to execute plans and initiatives. Consequently, we prepare managers, teams and employees in order for them to handle the challenges and changes through improvement of your teamwork, communication, management performance as well as your ability to reach your markets.

In our opinion, learning requires a high level of activity and degree of involvement from everyone. We focus on training, discussion and follow-up in our development course by combining workshops with one-on-one discussions. This will result in direct and measurable results and encourage you to reach your goals.

In order to take advantage of your acquired experience from the course and to be able use the skills in your everyday work, we use a simulation tool and games to visualize realistic problems. We believe that fun and attentive pedagogy provides the best result. All of the tasks and subjects that are included are directly related to the goals we want to achieve together.

Are you able to spot talent in your colleagues? Maybe, maybe not. Our experience tells us that many companies have undiscovered potential among their existing employees. Own breeding is preferred if possible, but who possesses a great, unresolved potential? We will help you to identify, attract, train and develop your company’s talents within sales and management.