About us


”Dare I go to war with you, and do I want to have a beer with you?”

– Jakob Møller Hansen
Founder and Managing Director

Supplier within two powerful business areas

Since 2002, we have been a part of the Danish consulting business, where we work with Recruitment / Selection and Development / Training in close collaboration with our customers. Our mantra “Good is never good enough” depicts our passion and drive to achieve optimal performance within our fields of expertise. In order to understand your business and industry, we gain insight and strive to design efficient solutions while emphasizing your reality. We assist you in identifying opportunities and challenges, setting objectives and defining the best team – with the purpose of strengthening your ability to execute planned strategy in order to optimize your business.

Our commitment is imperative and we aspire to succeed every single time – we want to be a part of your result. We are aware that we are never better than our last assignment, and that is our motivating force. We do exactly what we say, which is why we often experience long-term customer relations. Our customers consider us to be highly qualified and trustworthy while functioning as a business-focused sounding board.

Development is achieved through change – not by repeating the same old patterns and habits. That is why we do not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. We use ourselves as both the good and bad example, which is only possible because we have tried to walk the line. We are not under the illusion that we can revolutionize you or your business, but experience tells us that by collaboration, we can achieve the necessary difference for you to fulfill the expected results.

We can offer you an exceedingly dedicated business partner with a strong market focus. Flexibility, execution and professional discussions are central elements in our consulting model, where our high demands for quality solutions make us act in a respectful and responsible manner on your behalf.